How to (Vegetarian) Tailgate

In the US, a tailgate party is a social event held around the open tailgate of a vehicle, usually in a sports arena or stadium parking lot. Tailgating often involves drinking alcoholic beverages and grilling food. Tailgate parties have spread to the pre-game festivities at sporting events besides football, such as basketball, hockey, soccer, and baseball, and also occur at non-sporting events such as concerts.

This page is mainly ideas for great food to serve at your tailgating party. It happens to be all vegetarian, but the food is sure to please all types of eaters.

Go Pats!

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  1. she-hulkstress says:

    I love tailgate parties and eating healthy is something I admit I am working on. Your tail gate recipes look so tasty. I can’t wait to bring them to my Super Bowl party. It’s kind of sad that football season is coming to an end. I really enjoyed all the tailgate parties this year, thanks to my Tailgater from DISH! It was a great addition; we got to watch the games live in HD. I can’t wait to get off work on Sunday at DISH to go and watch the Super Bowl this Sunday.

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