Vegetable Broth / Stock Powder

DIY Vegetable Broth / Stock Powder

Whenever I make soup, I’m always bummed about the waste of the aseptic cartons of broth used, as they aren’t recyclable. 🙁 I’ve tried bouillon, but the flavor isn’t that great and the sodium is pretty high. Planning ahead isn’t my strength, so making my own stock isn’t realistic for me. But I knew there […]

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Vegetarian DIY McRib Sandwich

Well, (unfortunately) the McRib is again available for a limited time. Clearly, it’s not a healthy food choice, and you can make it much better. Here is a copycat recipe for a vegetarian (easily made vegan) DIY McRib sandwich. Ingredients 1 MorningStar Farms® Hickory BBQ Riblets 1 6 inch long sandwich bun 2 tablespoons McDonald’s […]

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